Dana Gill - Outstanding Collegiate Member Award - The Ohio State University
WE20 Awards
Outstanding Collegiate Member Award
Dana Gill
The Ohio State University
ANNOUNCED: Thursday, November 5, 2020


For distinguished academic performance; for extending SWE’s reach into the broader community; and for demonstrating inspired advocacy and service to the advancement of women.

Let's Celebrate This Recipient

  • Congrats Dana! The Ohio State SWE section is so proud of you!! You make everyone in our section feel so welcome and special. We cannot thank you enough for all of your contributions.

    • I love SWE and all this organization has done for me throughout my time at Ohio State! I would not be the me I am without SWE!

  • Dana is one of the most compassionate leaders that I have ever met as well as extremely competent and thorough in everything she does!

    • Thank you so so much, Aimee! I owe so much of my success, especially in SWE to YOU and your confidence in me! You inspire so many to advocate for themselves and be the best they can be!!

  • Congratulations, Dana!! You are a true inspiration and will forever be one of my SWE role models and cherished friends. Thank you for always supporting me and every member of our section through all our challenges and cheering us through every success! You are everything a SWEster could aspire to be. I am so grateful to have met you — you are so deserving of this award!

    • Aw, thank you so so much, Bridge!! Your creativity and problem-solving skills have always astounded me! Day after day, you think of things I never would have come up with and I LOVE IT! You are so capable of so much and continue to teach me about thinking outside-the-box and making sure to keep a great balance in life. I will ALWAYS be cheering you on!!

  • Dana, you must be the world’s most deserving person of this award. From the day I met you, your passion and enthusiasm was infectious and inspiring. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be your little, because I have learned so much because of you! I cannot thank you enough for the impact you have had on my college experience, my SWE journey, and my life! Congratulations!!

    • Kelli! I always tell people that while you were my little, I learned from YOU!! Your drive and passion is unmatched and I know you will continue to take this world by storm – don’t ever stop being you!!

  • Congratulations Dana! I am so happy for you because you are so deserving of this award! The experience of being your little was one that greatly impacted my life in the most positive way. It was your guidance and enthusiastic spirit that helped me get to where I am today, and I will always be so thankful for you. You have been such a great role model for me, and I’m so excited to see where you take your future next! Congratulations Dana, you truly deserve it!!

    • Aw, my sweet Maddie!! Thank you so so much! Mentoring you is such a gift for your excitement and constant smiles. You are so strong and able to conquer anything that comes your way – never forget that you are unstoppable!!

  • Congratulations Dana! You have a huge heart and care about others so deeply. I am so impressed by your drive, your passion, and your kindness. You will do amazing things and I can’t wait to cheer you! Love you lots and so proud of you always!

    • Allison!! Thank you so much!! I have learned and grown so much as a person by being surrounded by you and watching you!!! I miss you so much and cannot wait to see you soon!! Sending love always!

  • Congratulations Dana! I’m so proud of you and all your amazing work you’ve done for SWE. You are such a great leader and mentor to our members and your hard work does not go unnoticed. Continue to take the world by storm!

    • Thank you my Amanda!! I would trust the entire world in your hands and admire you always!!!! Can’t wait to watch some WE20 sessions together here soon:)

  • Congratulations, Dana!! No one is more deserving! Even though we just really met each other at WELocal, I feel like I have known you forever! I truly look up to you as a role model and am so grateful to call you my friend. You are such a kind, welcoming, and caring person and I know you will accomplish amazing things in the future!

    • Aw, Kavya! Thank you!! I look up to YOU and how you captivate everyone you meet with your warmth and kindness! Time doesn’t have anything on this friendship!

  • Congrats! Your thoughtfulness and passion truly set you apart and I am so glad to call you a friend. SWE is not going to be the same without you next semester but I know you are going to CRUSH everything in your future.

    • Thank you my dear, Katie!! I think the world of you and will ALWAYS be cheering you on! Cannot wait to watch you soar above the clouds!

  • Congratulations, Dana!! Ever since I first joined SWE, you have been such an incredible mentor and an inspiration. I cannot think of anyone more deserving for this award!! You have such incredible talent for making everyone feel supported, included and important. I am so excited to see all the incredible things you will continue to do in your life!

    • My Kayla!! You mean the world to me and continue to impress me everyday! You have taught me how to roll with the punches and come out on top with poise and preparation! You continue to impress me with everything you conquer and will always have my support and love!!

  • Dana, you are so deserving of this award. You are such a great role model in SWE. I, and so many others, look up to you. You are a ray of positivity, encouragement, and confidence! You have done so many amazing things, and I know you will continue to shine forever! You are such an inspiration, and I am so glad I know you and have gotten to share great memories with you! Good luck on all the amazing things you will do in the future!

    • KILEY! This was SO kind! Thank you oh, so much! You are so supportive always and will make an amazing impact on SWE and everyone you encounter!!

  • Congrats Dana! You were so welcoming when I first joined SWE my freshman year and was a huge reason why I became part of the organization. Thanks for all your support and encouragement!

    • Louann, thank you so so much!! You are so dedicated to all you put your mind to! You have touched this organization so much and will only continue to do so! I am so proud of you!!

  • Dana, I am SO proud of you. You have been such a role model for me and I could not think of a more deserving person for this award. Your kindness, motivation, and positive attitude is so contagious and inspiring. Thank you for supporting me and all the members of OSU SWE, we are so lucky to have you 🙂

    • Aw, Snigdha! The sincerity and intent you bring to everything you do is so special and should be treasured! You are going to touch so many lives as you go throughout your collegiate and professional journey and I am so excited for you!!

  • Congratulations Dana! I cannot think of anyone that deserves this more than you!! You are so incredibly welcoming, kind, and funny! I’m so glad we got to know each other by being flight buddies on the way to conferences last year, I’m very appreciative of your friendship, love, and support!

    • Aastha, YES! During airplane stresses and flight delays, we were just laughing away per usual. For so many you are their escape to a happy place, and I know so many including myself, appreciate that about you! I will always cheer you on and be amazed by ALL that you do and accomplish each day!

  • Congratulations Dana! You are so incredibly thoughtful, caring, and an amazing leader in SWE. You inspire all of us and make OSU SWE feel like a home for so many. So excited for you and can’t wait to see all that is to come in your future!

    • Thank you so so much, Sarah! You constantly make others feel heard, inside and outside of SWE – a trait I am trying to get better at every day. Your outreach work has touched SO many little lives and will do so long into the future!

  • Congrats Dana! You have been such an inspiration to me and so many other girls in SWE by setting an example of great leadership. You are the biggest cheerleader for all women in engineering and continue to help others with whatever they may need. You embody what it means to be inclusive, have your voice heard and the strength it takes to reach your best self! Thank you for shaping my SWE experience to be so impactful and always being there for me! 🙂

    • Aw, Lindsay! This was so sweet and made me smile, because I am striving to be such a cheerleader for all and sincerely appreciate hearing you have recognized that – thank you!! You are the BEST smiling face for so many and will continue to shine a bright light everywhere you go!!!

  • Dana! You are honestly one of the best people I know and couldn’t even imagine my life or SWE without you! You are so deserving of this award!

    • Thank you so so much, Claire! You have made such a significant impact on my life! You are incredible and continue to inspire so many with your involvement inside and outside of SWE!!

  • DANA! Oh my gosh I am so proud of you and know you are so deserving of this award. You are one of my biggest role models in SWE and I’m so glad to have met you last year! Thank you for showing what it is like to be a woman in engineering and lead all of us with your caring, and inspiring ways. I cannot wait to see what the future has in store for you!

    • ANNIE! Thank you so so much, doll! You are the sweetest!! Your smile lights up a room and you have the MOST special way of making others know you are listening and excited to see them – it truly does brighten someone’s day! Seeing you and your excitement always makes me feel more inspired!!

  • Congratulations Dana! I could not think of anyone who is more deserving of this award. You have been such a great role model and resource throughout my time at SWE. So happy for you and cannot wait to see the impact you make on the rest of the world!

    • Thank you so much, Emma! Your work drive, poise, and dedication is so admirable! You are so intentional with everything you do and it is so inspiring for so many!!

  • Congratulations, Dana! As a freshman last year, I could tell you had a huge impact on Ohio State SWE because of how welcoming you were both in-person and in the SWE groupchats. Thank you for helping everyone feel welcome in SWE!

    • Thank you, Sarah!! YOUR dedication to SWE is UNMATCHED and forever acknowledged and appreciated by everyone! You serve as a constant familiar face for young members and have made such an impact on this organization! Never forget how appreciated you are!!

  • Congrats Dana! You are such a role model for me, as you embody everything that SWE is about. You are so passionate and genuinely care about everyone you encounter. OSU SWE will not be the same without you next year, but I know that you have already inspired the next generation of leaders. So excited to see what you do next!

    • Aw, Erin! Thank you, thank you!!!! You are such a devoted, strong soul and I admire it greatly! Every obstacle that comes you face you conquer without missing a beat! This was so so sweet and means so much to me!!!

  • Congrats Dana!! I can’t think of anyone more deserving 🙂 You have been such a guiding light and role model for me this year and last year– whether you were reviewing my resume, actively reaching out to make sure everyone in our section felt like they had a friend, or just being a smiling box on zoom, you have become one of my favorite people EVER!!!! I know you’re going to be incredible in all you do in the future, and you deserve all the accolades! You are a champion, queen.

    • Aw, Mallory!! Thank you so so much!! Your love and attention for the small things in life makes my heart so happy! You are so great with words and saying the right then at the right time to make people feel understood, included, and empowered! Never change you have the best things ahead in your future, I just know it!

  • Dana is a wonderful inspiration to women in engineering and an excellent representative from our OSU SWE chapter!! She consistently reaches out to others, is an inclusive leader, and absolutely deserves this award because of the positive impact she makes in our SWE community!!

    • Thank you so much, Jill!! You are so kind and full of joy always! I appreciate the kind words SO MUCH!! You are so wonderful at reaching out to younger members and making them feel included and welcomed!

  • Dana has the strongest work ethic with a loving and generous heart! She earned this award by giving her best on many committees, board positions, numerous events and countless volunteer hours! She cares deeply for SWE and it is well known to all involved! So unbelievably proud of her!!!

    • I learned what I have about dedication from you! You have continued to show me how important it is to have a strong work-ethic and drive, and I am so grateful!!!

  • Congrats Dana! You are so deserving of this award! You are one of the most welcoming, kind, and passionate people I know, and you have made such an impact on me, not only as an engineer, but as a person. I have learned so much from you! You are truly an inspiration for so many women in engineering! I cannot wait to see the amazing things you accomplish!

    • Ashley, this is so sweet!! You are such an asset to SWE and all its members for your kindness and encouraging smile!! You have so much success coming your way!!

  • Congrats Dana! You are such an inspiration for female engineers everywhere. Your endless kindness and strong leadership is absolutely amazing 🙂

  • Dana is such a welcoming and friendly peer to all engineers! She embodies the ideal SWE woman, lifting up others and bringing us together! Congrats dana on a well deserved award 🙂

    • Aw, Maggie!! Thank you so much! Your infectious smile and laugh ALWAYS brightens everyone’s day! You will continue to impact so many lives!!

    • Aw, Georgia! That means so much coming from YOU!! I was so excited to see you recruiting at WE20, attendees are so lucky to speak with you about Boeing!

  • Congratulations Dana!! You are so deserving of this award and I am so grateful to know such an inspiring woman in engineering! Thank you for always sharing your love for SWE and your infectious positivity even on a rainy day!

    • Aw! Thank you so much, Hannah!!! You have such a bright smile and an even brighter future!! You are the sweetest!

  • Congrats Dana!! Well deserved! You have contributed so much to OSU SWE! Looking forward to seeing what you do next in professional and SWE career!

  • Congrats Dana!! You are so deserving of this award. You have contributed to our SWE section in so many ways and we will truly miss you. Thank you for being the compassionate, supportive, lovely being that you are! I am so grateful that our paths crossed – you are going to do great things!!

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    Thursday November 5, 2020

    • Distinguished Engineering Educator Award
    • Outstanding Collegiate Member Award
    • Outstanding Faculty Advisor Award
    • Outstanding SWE Counselor Award
    • Spark Award
    • SWE Distinguished New Engineer Award

    Friday November 6, 2020

    • Diversity & Inclusion Award
    • Emerging Leader Award
    • Fellow Grade
    • Global Leadership Award
    • Global Team Leadership Award
    • Suzanne Jenniches Upward Mobility Award Endowed by Northrop Grumman Corporation
    • Work/Life Integration Award
    Awards Announced

    Saturday, November 7, 2020

    • Advocating Women in Engineering Award
    • Mission (collegiate)
    • Multicultural Boeing Company (collegiate)
    • Rodney D. Chipp Memorial Award

    Monday, November 9, 2020

    • Achievement Award
    • Mission (professional)
    • Multicultural Motorola Foundation (professional)
    • Prism Award
    • SWENext Global Innovator Award